Inter Nubes

Eine dreiköpfige Band aus Wien und fünf Songs ihres kommenden zweiten Albums.
Age Of Sin
First song of the new album "The Human Being And Its Dogmatic Interference With Nature” (will be released on the 16th of October 2020)

Inter Nubes über sich

Cheerful to cloudy: INTER NUBES present new CD “The Human Being And Its Dogmatic Interference With Nature”

As is well known, hope dies last! On their new CD the Viennese band INTER NUBES dedicates itself to current topics such as climate catastrophe, corruption or decadence. The songs on "The Human Being And Its Dogmatic Interference With Nature" deal with the – often thoughtless (because the consequences are not considered) – interventions of man in nature, thoughtful, but also always with a wink.
The Boston Terrier on the cover of "Dogmatic" (the short title of the CD) stands exactly for this kind of highly bred life, which apparently "makes" the human being of today. The wind-up key gives the word its double meaning.
Whether exuberant acceleration of life, merciless self-optimization or art, or rather its irrelevance: The downfall of the Western Occident is (once again) near! And we are right in the middle of it ... ;-)

Founded in Vienna in 2010, INTER NUBES have defined a genre of their own: Head-in-the-clouds rock. Music that opens new spaces. Music to dream and drift away. Music for your personal head-in-the-clouds cinema. Music that knows only the sky as its limit. Influenced by a variety of different bands – from A Perfect Circle to Zappa (Frank).

"Dogmatic" will see the light of day in autumn 2020. To be presented live on 16th of October 2020 in the lovely and elegant Lorelysaal in 1140 Vienna.

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burn2hard | 21.Okt.2020
New album "The Human Being And Its Dogmatic Interference With Nature" now ready for download on every streaming platform - see

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aus Wien | *2010
Bernhard Wieser (cirrus intortus) - Vocals + Guitar
Harald Schmid (altostratus) - Bass + Keyboards + Programming
Markus Schmid (cumulonimbus) - Drums + Percussion + Programming


Bernhard Wieser
+43 650 400 00 34
1030 Wien, Geusaugasse 4/6

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