Eine vierköpfige Kärntner Band bringen Fragmente von Rock, Blues und Funk zu einer eigenen Mischung zusammen.
Released on the CD "Shields UP!" in 2009. CD available on i-tunes and other online shops. CD ordering: write order to info@jfbb.at

JFBB über sich

Zitat: "The drive and groove of the Peppers in their early days, punch and aggressiveness of some rock heroes in the 90’s, all the mud in rock, blues and funk music - ingredients that have contributed their share to the development of JFBB’s sound and style. But stop here right now with retro-influences, because JFBB’s sound is too unique, to characteristic to be reduced on a retro-style. Four people with a passion for music who stick together since the day the band was founded and who love nothing more than - to perfom live! Besides periodical shows on domestic stages (i.e. Chelsea, B72, Donauinselfest.) during the running “Shields-Up! PromoTour 09“ JFBB finally achieved their first shows abroad."

Neueste Nachricht von JFBB:

jfbb | 10.Mär.2010
next shows - April 22nd, BABÜ Wolkersdorf, May, 31st Chelsea - June 3th Club*Ost,
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aus Kärnten | *1996
Kathrin Höher - vocals
Rainer Rainer - guitar
Gerald Ulbert - bass
Ulrich Leitner - drums