Jia Pa Bor Sur

Eine One-Man-Band aus Bangkok stellt hier vier Indie-Rock-Songs vor.
I'm With The Brand
Are you the one who has brand loyalty? Like crazy in brands?
This song may show you a difference way of thinking.
[Please see the lyric attached in the song]

Jia Pa Bor Sur ├╝ber sich

Zitat: "Hello Austria! Actually I'm a Thai. Fortunately a lovely friend of mind is Austrian and he think it's a good idea to place my musics here -- more people would happily enjoy them than it would be in Thailand.

I've been work in several genre of music so far. If you've heard "Sveto The Fool" that's me, or "Complex Routine" that's also me. And a couple of project I wrote in Thai and broadcast locally.

JPBS will serve you with indie/alternative rock. If you found it enjoys your ears please let me know. Or any suggestion would be given, don't hesitate.

I'm busy working to feed myself at the moment. So if you want more tunes or line up a project just email me at jiapaborsur@gmail.com.

don't let me lonely!"

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svetothefool | 19.Sep.2010
I'll find sometime upload my old songs soon!
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aus Bangkok | *1995
Vocal: Sveto The Fool Guitar 1: STF Guitar 2: STF Bass: STF Drum programming: STF record & engineer & mix & mastering & artwork & buy a coffee: STF



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autofilter | vor 4880 Tagen, 15 Stunden, 2 Minuten
hey, that sounds funny - your voice reminds me on 60er british psychedelic. production is not bad - snaresound is a little bit to quiet and/or compressed. keep it up!