Joe G

Ein Multiinstrumentalist aus Ipswich (UK) stellt hier die Songs seines neuen Albums vor.
Binge Mountain
Taken from the new album 'Cityscape'.

Written by Joseph Gibbings and Oliver Larsen-Wright.
Recorded and produced by Joe G
Mixed by Jon 'Riffioso' Hockley
Mastered by Harry Chaplin

©℗ Joseph Gibbings 2020. All rights reserved.

Joe G ├╝ber sich

Joe G writes, sings and plays the guitars, bass, drums that you hear on his original brand of indie/rock music. The first single ‘Binge Mountain’ from his new album ‘Cityscape’, has accumulated over 8,000 streams to date and with 113 performances under his belt in 2019, solo and alongside a full band of talented friends, Joe has captivated audiences across his home county of Suffolk as well as cities such as London, Manchester, Salzburg and Graz. His new album, Cityscape was released on 4th December 2020.
His songs are inspired by themes such as friendship, love and politics and his first two albums, Landscape and Cityscape, were written during his time studying History in London. He is currently re-recording parts of his first album Landscape to re-release it in 2021, this time on all platforms.
Cityscape tells a narrative beginning with partying and the temptations of drug abuse and ending with finding your passion and directing your energy to what you have found to be your purpose or calling in life. This narrative was visually represented in an original way through the captivating music videos that were released in support of the singles 'Binge Mountain', 'Compelled' and 'Searching for Love'. Due to covid-19 the Cityscape album launch gig that was planned to take place in May 2020 was postponed until further notice – although the album has now been released, this release celebration gig will take place when possible!


aus Ipswich | *2018
Joe G