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Ein US-amerikanischer Sänger in Wien und seine Band konzentrieren sich nach diversen Cover-Projekten jetzt ganz auf eigene Songs.
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Released: 22.05.2019
Type: Single
Available: Streaming Download

Joey Green Band über sich

“Love, Love, Love”, "I'm Comin' On To You" And " In The Doghouse Again" are Joey Green Band’s most recent offerings. As Joey states it, " The idea for "Love, Love, Love" was to create a song with a positive message to counter the negativity that surrounds us during these dark days. I want people to realise that in order to be happy, they need to “unlock” the love that is inside them—waiting there to be tapped into. In the end that is all that matters." Joey Green is serious about songwriting . " Real songwriting is a craft. For me, it’s best to start with an idea that has been sparked by some emotional feeling, experience or event.”

Joey Green was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1959. He began playing keyboards at the age of 13 and is the oldest of 5 siblings. His father was in real estate and construction and his mother was from Scotland originally and was a homemaker.

He formed his first band when he was 16 years-old. The band was called “OZ” and performed music from Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Neil Young, Charlie Daniels, Boston, Blue Oyster Cult, The Allman Brothers and Bruce Springsteen.

In 1984, he located to New York City. There he teamed up with bassist producer Brian Stanley and formed an indie rock band called the "Jury”. The Jury had limited success with their first EP release entitled “Shyboy” in 1988 (Kangaroo records).

Joey relocated to Vienna in May of 2000 and has been performing in various cover bands focusing on the music of Ray Charles, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and more recently---Billy Joel.

However, in 2018 Joey Green and his band have decided to focus 100% of their physical, emotional and artistic energy on original music.

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joey | 24.Apr.2018
Brand New RELEASE From Joey Green Band!

"Trumpty Dumpty", Available on Spotify, I-Tunes & Deezer!


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Joey Green
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