Johnny Zhivago

Ein Quartett aus London, daß sich leider letztes Jahr aufgelöst hat und jetzt noch einen Song präsentiert.
sanity claus
Johnny Zhivago recorded this Song during their stay in vienna.
It's a christmass version of a rather unknown song by "the damned".

Johnny Zhivago über sich

Zitat: "Johnny Zhivago coagulated in an unfashionable suburb of London at the end of the summer of 1999. The band represents the latest mutant strain of the garage rock virus that has been causing an unsightly rash on the crotch of popular culture for the past five decades. By the end of the year the quartet had recorded four tracks at Bordello Red Studios, four slabs of anti-social rock & roll noize that, in the band's own words, combine 'the ennui of Richard Hell with the aural assault of Motörhead.' These recordings led to a deal with London independent Infernal Records in the spring of 2000. One of these tracks was featured on the Infernal compilation 'Any Colour As Long As It's Black'. The remaining tracks were released as the band's debut single 'Terminal Boredom' at the end of the summer, almost a year to the day since its inception in a claustrophobic rehearsal studio. Up until then Johnny Zhivago had appeared sporadically at venues in and around the capital, festering in the unsanitary ventilators of the music business. At the end of 2000 they headed out on the road, to begin to infect like-minded malcontents. So far the band have supported the likes of AntiProduct, Silver Ginger 5, Backyard Babies and B Movie Heroes on tour. Their debut album 'Some Of The People, All Of the Time' was recorded around this hectic live schedule, and was released to critical acclaim in the autumn of 2001. Johnny Zhivago are recording artists with Infernal Records and appear by mutual consent with that label. Their album 'Some Of The People All Of The Time' is available now on Infernal Records. In summer 2002 Johnny Zhivago played several Gigs in Austria. Sadly Johnny Zhivago split up in 2002."


aus London | *2000
Steve Maloney: Guitar and Vocals
Jamie Hunwicks: Guitar and Vocals
Lee Wray:
Bass and Vocals
Neil Roberts:


Johnny Zhivago empfiehlt:


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