Kai Hartwig

Ein melodiöser Trance Song mit Sängerin Alexa sowie ein orchestraler, soundtrackartiger Track aus Deutschland.
Shine On - Melodic Trance Edition
Das Projekt "Skyward" steht für einen progressiven neuen Sound. In diesem Fall einen Melodic Trance Track (mit der bezaubernden Alexa als Sängerin).

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Marco Spitoni (Italien) Filmproduzent
"It's been a real pleasure to work with Kai at the new music score restyling for "The Hunt". The previous score was good, but it wasn't what I really wished for the movie and Kai just added the touch to make the music really special and evocative.

I love the main theme, which is stirring and powerful, it has been a great emotion hearing that for the first time at the opening of the movie and at the closing titles.

I'm looking forward to work again with him to my latest work in progress project "Code Guardian". Thanks for your great contribution Kai, keep up the excellent work!"
Rashad Redic (USA) Filmproduzent
"I knew I wanted professional quality music but I didn't know where to go.
I'm very fortunate to have found Kai, because not only can he take the smallest idea
and give it a life you couldn't imagine, he's proven to be fast and extremely
reliable. I couldn't imagine anyone else doing my music now."
Tito A. Belgrave - Eye Candy Studios (Kanada)
"They got it right the first time! I can't say enough great things about Hartwigmusic and the people behind the name, professional, quality music done in a fast and courteous way all in the while getting exactly the mood you requested for your productions, there's nothing more I would ask for"
Matthew Morris (GB) 3d-designer
'I found myself in a tight corner after my animation was selected for inclusion on a short animations dvd, and I couldn't get permission to use the commercial music I had on the original soundtrack.

I approached Hartwig Music very late in the day and their response was phenomenal! They were able to create a stunning score which really captured the mood of the piece and more importantly enhanced the story, all within a very tight timeframe.

I am already planning my next short film and will have no hesitation in hire them again.

Thank you guys!' "

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conner | 1.Feb.2006
Für weitere Tracks bitte auf http://www.hartwigmusic.de vorbeisurfen.


aus Deutschland | *1994
Kai Hartwig - Komponist Beo - Sänger im Skyward Projekt Mel - Sängerin im Skyward Projekt Alexa - Sängerin im Skyward Projekt


Kai Hartwig
viennasound | vor 6582 Tagen, 5 Stunden, 38 Minuten
Shine On - Melodic Trance Edition
Total trashy. Klingt wie ein Demosong, wie er bei Sequencerprogrammen mitgeliefert wird. Wäre verkraftbar, wären da nicht die großspurigen Worte vom "progressiven neuen Sound".
Gruss aus Wien
lvhh | vor 6582 Tagen, 6 Stunden, 30 Minuten
hauts die scheiße raus aus dem soundpark. Grausam.