King Electric

"We're just a couple of idiots on the path to enlightenment." - Zwei Produzenten aus der Wiener Club- und Technoszene der 90er mit ihrem neuen Projekt.
Out Of Reach
Top10 Records, 2012 (topmcd06)

Brandnew Single!

After the two electro-funk stompers "Da King" and "Commit Yourself", KING ELECTRIC surprises with their 3rd single OUT OF REACH (also taken from the debut Album "King Electric", release date may 2012)!

It's surprising because the Radio Mix is such a bittersweet suicidal psycadelic swagger - so natural, so vintage! - and shows a brand new face of da Kings. Chris' Depeche-Gahanesque vocs and Pete's Zombie Telecaster drives us back to 60's pop: "warm summerbreeze blows so endlessly".

King Electric ├╝ber sich

Hervorgehend aus der wiener Club- und Technoszene der 90er starteten Peter Hartwig und Chris Isepp ihre Zusammenarbeit als Sultans of Swing. Gleich die erste Single Summerbreeze (2003) erntete gute Kritiken in der Presse und war in diversen Club- & Radio Charts vertreten. Es folgten weitere Releases bei Top10 Records, sowie div. Remixes und Solo-Projekte. 2008 beschlossen die beiden einen musikalischen Stilwechsel.

2009 erscheint die Single Da King, welche u. a. auch auf der FM4 Soundselection 20 vertreten war. Der offizielle Videoclip wurde im Rahmen von Screensessions bei mehreren Filmfestivals, wie Diagonale (Festival des österreichischen Films), Alpine Kurzfilmfestival Nenzing und frameout - digital film festival, präsentiert.

Im Mai 2011 veröffentlichen King Electric eine weitere Single Commit Yourself.

Die dritte Single Out Of Reach wird im Mai 2012 veröffentlicht und ist momentan auf FM4 zu hören!

ALBUM (Release date 7th September 2012):
The King Electric self titled debut LP is a sexy, cinematic, future-retro funk-disco affair, with a mildly pensive edge, and a warm, dub-infused psycadelic aura. The record was born over a period of 4 intense years, in multiple studios scattered around the globe. Typical production sessions included psilocybin driven tape experiments, b-film screenings and sampling, as well as campfires. They were often punctuated with alco blackouts, and occasionally with a healthy bar fight.

The track selection on the LP was put together for movie like cohesion and flow and it really plays like a Felini acid freak show. The record's palette includes analogue synths, liquid guitars, film samples, breathy vocals, and panoramic strings, which further amplify the big screen audio cinematic to full effect. The arrangements remain tricky throughout, the song structures progressive, but neither ever interferes with the record's effortless dancefloor inclination. If anything, it makes for great repeat listening.

If you listen closely enough, you'll hear it all: pinball machines, Deep Throat, a bit of early Polanski and Lalo Schifrin, backwoods campfire, airport stop overs, the roar of big cities and of course fearless use of hedonistic hook lines, spiced up with citations from the voluptuous treasure trove of the musical past and present ... you get the picture?

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kingelectric | 12.Sep.2012
Release date Austria: 7th Sept 2012
Release date UK/EU/JP: 26th Oct 2012

Some feeback bout KE:
More dubbed out groove like this make the world a better place
[Kiss FM, Australia]
Sounds like a 70's b-movie theme
[FM4, Austria]
A perfect "back to mine" soundtrack

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aus Wien, Barcelona | *2003
Chris Isepp
Peter Hartwig