Zwei Produzenten aus Salzburg, die mit dem jazzigen Housetrack "Sonnentanz" zu ungeahnter Bekanntheit kamen.

Klangkarussell ├╝ber sich

The two young and ambitious artists Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held from Salzburg in Austria, achieved to bring sunshine within a short time to numerous people around the globe with their unique compositions.

The single "Sonnentanz" reached over 1 million plays on YouTube and SoundCloud after one month only gaining them several thousand fans.

This success story goes on and the appeals for the upcoming mindblowing release are getting louder every day.

Klangkarussel’s producing philosophy intends an inspiration of all imaginable styles of music with creating a new well-rounded sound without any reservations.

The live performance always represents a mixed atmosphere of both concert and club feeling with rocking the crowd beyond everybody’s expectations, according to the motto highlighting the mood, keeping it at the top and providing a moment of sudden insight to all those present.


aus Salzburg | *2011
Tobias Rieser
Adrian Held


77bastian77 | vor 3566 Tagen, 2 Stunden, 7 Minuten
Gratuliere! Zwei Austrianer im deitschn Chart Himmel . Echt super.  
cjreimar | vor 3566 Tagen, 22 Stunden, 23 Minuten
Wirklich schöner Song, lässt sich so schön chillig beim Autofahren hören. Habt es euch wirklich verdient im Radio gespielt zu werden, weiterhin VIEL ERFOLG!