Klumzy Tung

Ein Londoner Lyricist und sein Grazer Produzent zwischen HipHop, Drum'n'Bass und Songwriting - jeden Monat gibt's einen neuen Song mit Video!
Fall On Your Sword (Happy Accidents 4/10)

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtC4VoJ4aIM">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtC4VoJ4aIM</a>

Klumzy Tung über sich

Klumzy Tung is a genre spanning, conscious lyricist and mind-bogglingly quick-witted freestyle
urbanite from London. Having previously clocked-up over 2 million views online with cult classics such as 'Little England', E4's 'Web Heroes' alongside Beardyman, 'Headscrews' with Mr.Dero (as featured in hit TV series 'Skins'), Klumzy Tung is currently releasing his first singer-songwriter collection ‘Happy Accidents’ on independent label Tiefparterre, once again teaming up with musical collaborator Mr.Dero, to
produce ten tracks of original material, each with an accompanying video and remix, one-a-month, for ten months.

His creative journey has led him all over Europe, from Fusion Festival to Carnival Party, Edinburgh Comedy Festival to The House of Commons, Spring Festival to Kerrang Radio, BeachBreak Live to ButterBar, Udderbelly Festival to Bristol Old Vic, Battlejam to the iTunes Charts, and back again; with many lyrical adventures sandwiched in-between; even presenting The Freestyle Show on Sky TV along the way.

His versatility and freestyle ability has given him
the opportunity to share the stage, and work with many talented artists, the likes of JFB,
Beardyman, Afrika BabyBam from The Jungle Brothers, Mr.Dero, Reeps One, Trojan
Soundsystem, Denyo, dr.pheel, JStar, Dizraeli, Farina Miss, Joe Driscol, DJ Vadim, Lazy Habits,
More Like Trees, Stig of The Dump, LeeN, DrSyntax, Bellatrix, Mr Hopkinson, Ed Solo
and tons more great muscians.

Catch him live as part of DJ/MC Soundsystem Mr.Dero & Klumzy Tung, extended live band Stevies Wonder Glasses, as a solo artist or with collaboration project The Local Posse.


aus Graz, London | *2006
Klumzy Tung
Mr. Dero


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