Ein in London angesiedeltes Trio um die Österreicherin Liz Neumayr.
Bouncy Ball

Ladyfuzz über sich

Zitat: "Ladyfuzz - salacious, tasty threesome, you should know that they:

Have an unholy interest in the number 13. In the past, rehearsed in a bunker (where Hitler once hid) under Berlin Airport. Perform with kazoos, recorders, bass, (sometimes dandelion-shaped) guitars, drums and cow-bells when onstage. Feature a member (Matt) whose 24-hour-lasting side-project, Sexy Cancer, included a transsexual prostitute amidst its ranks. And, perhaps most importantly, in their second year thus far as a unit, have written an indisputable Debut Album Of The Year in ‘Kerfuffle’ (out in March 2006 through Transgressive Records). For all the eccentricity, there’s enough Vital Band classicism to indulge in here – taut, spiky dancefloor/bedroom/headphones/ anywhere-hugging six-string and vocal quivers, vehement bass-discordance and impossibly tight rhythmic panache. Ladyfuzz are out there on their own, crafting a meddling mesh of idiosyncratic, arty anthem/tune-mustering and – in equal measure – wry, knowing and peculiar aural invention, utilising anything in sight (and mind).

Unafraid to take risks, their debut LP was
part-recorded in an attic studio (The Mews) in Stoke Newington, London, and a cottage/shed in the country. From the ethereal flourishes of its title-track, to the brooding taste of home for Austrian-born Liz in ‘Immer Diese Liebe’, and rollicking political-media distain of ‘Monster’, through to fading actress-homage ‘Oh Marie’, or the a capella, relationship-recovery workshop that is ‘Staplegun’, here is a band we can all somehow find in ourselves; contradictory,
sometimes confused, and – in our best moments – unshakeably unafraid to try
something new, whilst being honest. Enthralling and unpredictable live, adept at a remix (especially Ben), and – as established – a dab-hand at sculpting incredible music… Ladyfuzz. Take them home; make them yours."


aus London | *2004
Liz Neumayr (vocal)
Matt Lord (guitar & bass)
Ben Esser (drums)


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77bastian77 | vor 4927 Tagen, 14 Stunden, 2 Minuten
Ich brauche mir wirklich keine Musik mehr kaufen . Lieder wie das eure und auch von einigen anderen füllen schon so viele CDs. Danke. LG Robert.