Lili Ivanova

Eine Sängerin, die laut Pressetext angaben 65 Alben veröffentlich hat und nun einen Remix im Soundpark präsentiert.
Camino (Chill Out Remix)
Camino ist der grösste internationaler Hit von Lili Ivanova, hier remixiert von Kiril Valeri & Edit.
Mastering: Brian Gardner, L.A., USA (mehrfacher Träger von Grammy Award für Mastering)

Lili Ivanova über sich

Lili Ivanova has released 65 albums (two of them - gold (15,000+). In Bulgaria, she has released 89 singles. Lili has also released singles and albums in Romania, Turkey, Germany, Spain and other countries. She is also very popular in Russia and she has sold many albums in the former Soviet Union.
She performs in many languages, including Russian, English, German, French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew.
Lili Ivanova has had many tours abroad, mainly in the former USSR (and Russia in the 90s). She has had successful concerts in Germany, Cuba, Japan, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Portugal, etc., as well as several tours in the US and Canada.

Awards, Nominations & Orders

1. The Golden Key - Bratislava (1966).
2. Over ten international awards (1966 to 1976).
3. Lili Ivanova was nominated as one of the most famous women for the 20th century by the International Association of the Women.
4. L. Ivanova received the highest level Order Stara Planina, by the president of the Republic Bulgaria, Petar Stoyanov, for her enormous achievements in Bulgarian Pop Music (1999).


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Lili Ivanova
Kiril Valeri