Lino Camilo

Futuristische R&B Songs über gesellschaftliche und zwischenmenschliche Probleme von einem jungen Musiker zwischen Wien und London.
veröffentlicht sommer 2023
produziert, geschrieben und performed by lino camilo <3

Lino Camilo über sich

Hailing from Vienna, now London-based producer and singer-songwriter Lino Camilo seeks to find strength in vulnerability. Their intricate productions explore narratives such as interpersonal conflicts and the entailing cathartic release of pent-up aggression, identity outside of the gender binary as well as a sense of life beyond simply getting through the day. Crafting lyricism peppered with double entendres, unguarded honesty and a keen sense of self-awareness, Lino Camilo is one to watch.


aus Wien | *2020
Lino Camilo