Lonely Drifter Karen

Mit Leichtigkeit pendeln die Songs der ehemaligen Holly May-Sängerin und -Gitarristin zwischen Pop, Folk und Cabaretmusik.
This World Is Crazy

Lonely Drifter Karen über sich

Zitat: "Riding a bicycle is one of my favorite moments to sing a song: walking is good too, and so is washing dishes. I like northern and southern countries. I grew up right in the middle – in Austria – where life tends to be too comfortable sometimes. More extreme climates produce crazier populations and fighting spirit: besides, I love orange trees in the winter and a never-setting sun in the summer.

I started Lonely Drifter Karen on my own, after leaving my home and my former band in Vienna and moving to Gothenburg, Sweden. It was a step into independence, magical wings I never thought I had until I gave them a try. After being single for 3 years I fell in love again, with pianist Marc Melià Sobrevias and drummer Giorgio Menossi. Barcelona was the scene of our romance, the album “Grass is Singing” the result. Marc's a fanatic inventor and makes sure that the songs are glowing to their fullest potential. Giorgio Menossi is playing 'Keep cool, boy' on his drums and usually has a big smile on his face."


aus Wien | *2003
Tanja Frinta
Marc Melia
Giorgio Menossi


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