Ein Duo aus Klagenfurt kombiniert Gitarren, Keyboards und Gesang.
Ladies and Gents
Today I would like to present you my newest song – done with two of my most beloved friends and musicans.
LILY – my favorite female singer and a living soul
F. HERODEZ – a man of power and heart


A song that at first sight would seem to be about decay of man – about going from this world.
Let me tell you, that this is not the issue.
In my world – and I am a realist – there is place enough for creatures, that are not part of our – MAN´s – game.
They live in parallel worlds – in parallel times – maybe only in our imaginations - or only very simple - in nighttimes, when most of us sleep or believe to sleep.
And when the turn of the sun changes the light, all we daypeople are the merely players on stage of earth.
And so the TYME of moon has it´s own reign over the sleeping masters of daylight.
We all have our entrances and exits and still world is alive with more existence, that we can explain.
No cause to worry about.
You - Me - Them - We
All of us are creepers under a wonderful sun, that spends and destroys life.
Not everything we cannot understand, is bad or wrong.
It´s different from our world of understanding and realizing.
Maybe our existence causes the same lack of tolerance in other spheres.

Be tolerant – so others might be with you.

And last but not leaset

Have Mercy with the Actor

He was cheap and willing to do everything I forced him to do.

R. P. Kerschbaum in the year of the 6.th decade.

LorKer über sich

"We were...and we are on a way... since years and... we always will be.
Creating is always more important than opinions in the art world. Looking beyond... the limits of the ordinary ... can always be... dangerous in a certain way. Its the consequence to dont mind.. what people may think about our...work. And yes...there is a deep connection between us... always were. Usually people think about art, love or friendship in lifetime frames. We do think far beyond..."

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peppone | 31.Okt.2017
hier ist der novembersong
alles was kommt - geht
alles was geht - verkommt

do it or not - and die


aus klagenfurt | *2010
LORa - all guitars KERschbaum - all keyboards




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