Vier Musiker, die sich in München um einen englischen Singer/Songwriter scharen
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LOZ über sich

Zitat: "The band 'LOZ' formed in 2003 around english singer/songwriter Laurence Verney. Defining their music as accoustically driven rock with classic songwriting, the four piece from Munich finally found the sound they always wanted to do.

After having moved to munich Laurence Verney started auditioning musicians in mid 2003 where he met drummer Michael Neuber and bassist Benjamin Schlerf. The three piece started rehearsing Verney's songs but soon realized that there was one more element needed to complete the sound they were searching for. The band placed adverts in several local music shops, searching for an electric guitarist. After a short time, guitarist Armin Reichert became the fourth member of the band during his first rehearsal due to his unique and emotional sound. The band, as a whole, are an interesting mix of different musical backgrounds. Verney started his musical life playing in the renown London based band 'The Siege' as lead guitarrist. After the band split due to internal problems, Laurence Verney did a small amount of session work before studying jazz composition under Eddie Parker for three years, while also working on his voice and songwriting. Benjamin Schlerf and Michael Neuber know each other from kindergarten and went to the same school.During this time they played together in the band 'Kawaij'. Armin Reichert started his musical life in the band 'Skepsis' where he gained vast live experience and an un-natural relationship to his guitar who he so lovingly calls the 'old lady'.

Loz played several Gigs in and around Munich. The most important Gig so far was the opening of the Theatron Rock Summer 2004 at the Munich Olympic Park."

Neueste Nachricht von LOZ:

loztheband | 28.Jul.2005
die neue Hompage www.lozverney.com ist ab sofort online. Hier können neue Songs runtergeladen werden.
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aus München/Deutschland | *2003
Laurence Verney




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