Elektronische Songs von einer Sängerin und Produzentin aus Sankt Johann in Tirol.
Feeling Undiscover
I would love to dedicate that song for our good friend who passed away this Autumn.
Forever Love and Peace Mathias Obwaller.
Always in my heart.

mariaanna84 über sich

Maria-Anna-a composer and songwriter. For as long as she can remember, music has been in her life. From classics to rave prodigy sounds. She started her adventure with composing when she got acquainted with the computer program Garageband. By chance she met two great musicians, a guitarist and a drummer, she introduced them to her music and that's how the collaboration started. The first song can already be listened to on Spotify, and the official video is available on you tube. It is worth mentioning that the artist filmed and arranged the material for the video herself. Have a nice listen.


aus Sankt Johann in Tirol | *2021


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