Marty Brown

Ein Produzent und Songwriter aus Erding bei München macht und performt elektronische Beats der tanzbaren Sorte.
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Marty Brown über sich

Hello, I'm "Marty Brown" the new music producer and song writer, who gets deeper into the material of electronic music and sounds. 15 years ago i started to producing Electronic music. Today, i handle most of my music tracks on the music label called MRG production from Munich. "Two shifter" is the new project of Marty Brown and Mike Shefford. Wich is basicly a real electronic live performance. After smaller releasesed albums we started our Project called Dynamic Beat. Now we are on stage and make electronic live music with ableton and other devices. During this time we have all acquired experiences. Our Gigs on stage are great. Goodbye Marty Brown

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martybrown | 20.Feb.2011
hello everybody !


aus Erding, Bayern | *1996

77bastian77 | vor 4473 Tagen, 4 Stunden, 57 Minuten
die Marie
Das ist deutscher ElectroBeat nach Lehrbuch. lg