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Die Wiener Sängerin und ihre Band präsentiert hier einen Song von ihrer neuen EP.
On September 3, 2021 the indie label Between Music will release “Sing It”, the fourth single from Mary Broadcast's concept EP PANIC, a cycle of six songs and six videos. “Sing It” is the desire to fully recognize yourself and the other and never lose yourself again.

The band leader and guitarist created a fictional character for the EP: Aver is a strong woman who, after a stroke of fate, desperately searches for love and the way back to life. Three episodes of the story have already been told. The song and the video for “Panic” stylized the collapse (“Oh my god it's over now”), while in “Zone 4” (43,000 views on Youtube!) the lonely aversion in the vastness of the internet is lost (“Here I am, I'm naked). In the third single "Bastille" she met her great love and gave herself up ("You’re Bastille is my Bastille").

In the current song "Sing It" she is afraid that she might be disappointed by love again. But this time she digs deeper and discovers herself and her companion as "You're the song you never sang / I'm the song I never sang". The song becomes a hymn and the desperate desire to truly recognize the other and yourself in love for one another and never lose your partner again - “Sing it for me”!

Mary Broadcast über sich

About the EP PANIC

March 12, 2021 sees the release of PANIC, the first single from Mary Broadcast's new concept EP of the same name. With it, the bandleader and guitarist expands her commitment to social women's issues with a very personal dimension. With the cycle of six songs and six videos, she and her indie pop-rock band tell the painful but also inspiring story of a woman who has to reorganise her inner and outer world after a miscarriage. The panic triggered by this profound experience is also suitable as a metaphor for the emotional world in today's age of isolation.

About the single PANIC

Big sigh of relief. Everything is over and this state will remain. Aver no longer has to struggle to become or be anyone. Everyone is experiencing the same fate. Finally, she doesn't have to think about the future. The dream of life she has lived for has lapsed. She has become no one so far and can become no one anymore. A feeling of complete relief. The apocalypse as a solution. "It's over"

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maryb | 28.Aug.2020
Wir haben einen neuen Song - "Lazarus" von David Bowie!


aus Wien | *2015
Mary Broadcast: vocals - guitar - synth
Jimi Dolezal: guitar
Thomas Hierzberger bass - synth
Andi Senn: drums



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