Mashox & Cyke

Dubstep und Drum'n'Bass produzieren diese zwei Musiker aus Salzburg.
"You've heard about the outbreak in Salzburg of course_ You just hadn't thought it was as serious as the news made it out_
We have a Problem, worldwide_ When hell breaks loose and the apocalypse starts - there's only one thing that can save humanity - THE DROP_
Prepare for the Apocalypse and Drop the BASS"

Music by Mashox & Cyke
Label: Moshbit Records
Genre: Dubstep
Cat#: MOSHB00Q
Released: 10th of January 2014

Mashox & Cyke ├╝ber sich

Mashox & Cyke are an Austrian Dubstep and Drum and Bass production duo consisting of Mox Mashox and Maximum Cyke. The duo formed in the beginning of 2013 and lives in Salzburg. They had an instant connection as Mashox in the "good" part taking care of melancholic melodies and intense arrangements and Cyke as the "evil" part managing massive and filthy basslines, glitched sequences and hard hitting drums.
They started gaining popularity when their debut single "Nevermore" (free download) went viral via Moshbit Records on YouTube in 2013. Currently they are working on an EP to be released in early 2014. DROP THE BASS!


aus Salzburg | *2013
Mox Mashox
Maximum Cyke