Massive Zebra

Elektronische Beats von zwei Schlagzeugern aus Wien.
2020, Single
Beatport Producer Challenge winning Track (Genre Drum and Bass)

Massive Zebra ├╝ber sich

Massive Zebra is a new electronic music project based in Vienna. Going from bright to sombre, the music is epic, punchy and highly dynamic, while allowing room for thought at the same time.

The Viennese duo, Michael Plank and Pascal Obermayer, is tied together by their passion for beatmaking, as they are both drummers. Jamming together in 2013 ended up with several tracks and thus Massive Zebra emerged and developed over time.

Creating a balance between synthetic and organic musical elements acts as the initial mindset the duo operates with. The range of instruments used in their tracks is broad, starting with edgy synths and smooth pads following with
pianos and strings and the use of acoustic drums and home-recorded, or sampled audio. Most of these homemade sound clips are captured from
everyday life in the streets of Vienna.

With their raw and dynamic sound, Massive Zebra takes you on a vibrant trip.

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massivezebra | 15.Dez.2017
Unsere neue Single und Debut Musikvideo "Synkope" feat. Performancekünstlerin Maartje Pasman ist ab sofort online!
Watch it here:
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aus Wien | *2016
Michael Plank
Pascal Obermayer