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Vier Stücke gibt es von Mathew James White aus Neuseeland, der in Berlin lebt und den Weg in den FM4 Soundpark gefunden hat.
Make It Click
Here under the moon - making up ground
We’re not gonna move – fixed to the sound.

I won’t lie to you.
Not gonna play, anymore games.
No no no
I won’t hide from you,
Show you my cards, you’ll see them all.

Don’t tie me down, Keep it all up.
Has to be so black and white
Nothing in between, don’t confuse the scene
Or we might lose this.
Just give me space, make all the waves
Show you wanna stay by my side.
‘Cause we’re on our final ‘round
We’ve gotta make it click.

Just sit here & sway - Nothing to loose
Ooh don’t drift away – Too much to prove.

I will cry for you,
Wade through the mud, yeah take the jump
Yeah Yeah Yeah
I will find for you, a better way for us to be.


mathew james white über sich

Zitat:"Mathew James White is a New Zealand born, Berlin based singer-songwriter. His music draws on influences from fellow countryman, Neil Finn along with José González, Jeff Buckley & Elliott Smith. He is almost always on tour, performing between 100 - 130 concerts per year, mainly in Germany.

Mathew released his 2nd CD, 'Acoustic Guitars and Ooh La La's', at the beginning of 2008 on his own 'Kiss The Frog' records label. The album, recorded exclusively on his laptop, in his bedroom and edited on various trains around Germany, is a refreshing stripped down effort, featuring collaborations with hit song writer Alex Von Soos - 'These Days', World In Your Pocket, a co-write with another hit maker, Joe Cang, 'Make It Click' a co-write with up and coming teenage singer / songwriter Calire Toomey, 'All Makes Sense' co-writen with Swedish singer / songwriter Josefina Sanner in Bjorn from Abba's Stockholm cafe during a tour there in 2006 & the crowd pleasing solo funk guitar effort that is 'Daylight in Your Life'. 'Make It Click' has already received radio play on two of the bigger radio stations in Germany – SWR3 & Frankfurt’s youfm, where he was interviewed on Raffa’s Soundcheck show before Mathew had even launched an official radio campagne.

His first CD ' That's Just Me', was released in 2004 & sold out of it's initial pressing. "


aus New Zealand / Berlin | *8
Mathew James White


Mathew James White
groovecommander2new | vor 5677 Tagen, 1 Stunde, 3 Minuten
sweet! i like this kind of music! keep at it, bro! ;)

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