Maur Due & Lichter

Elektronische Pop-Perlen mit musikalischen Vorbildern wie The Notwist, Lali Puna oder Four Tet von einem Argentinier und einem Deutschen in Wien.
Another Day
vom Album "Another Day" (2011)

Maur Due & Lichter ├╝ber sich

Zitat "Don’t you just love foreign electronic pop?? Well DUH, of course you do! Maur Due & Lichter, out of Austria, bring to mind modern electro-pop outfits such as The Notwist and Lali Puna (two personal favorites) with their subdued, airy vocals and pressing electronica.

Maur Due & Lichter are two Viennese-based students in their mid-twenties: one is Argentinian, the other German – so there are obviously cultural influences at play here. The fellas just completed their debut album Another Day, which was entirely home-recorded and mixed. The album blends acoustic pop with standard electronics to create some masterful instrumentals, rendering vocals unnecessary…but having them is a nice addition. Don’t get too caught up in the duo’s world of sound; you may find yourself trapped in their heavy, majestic melodies."

Zitat "Vienna, Austria-based indietronica/acoustic-pop duo, Maur Due & Lichter just sent over a sampler of their latest full length, Another Day and really, its left us quite speechless.

Although it isn’t your typical Get Downnn, dance-floor-destroying fare, the production quality and lyricism on all of Maur Due & Lichter‘s tracks is stunning. Perfectly aligned guitars, melodic builds and an eerie, almost hollow, quality to the tracks all meld together to form a flawless album.

If you’re looking for a sound comparison, we’ll point you in the direction of Maur Due & Lichter‘s greatest influences–groups like, The Notwist, Four Tet, Lali Puna, Gui Boratto and The Album Leaf."

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maurduelichter | 8.Aug.2010
Freut uns, endlich im Soundpark vertreten zu sein!



aus Wien | *2008
Mauricio Duda
Daniel Lichter

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Another Day
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