Erfahrener DJ/Producer aus Hamburg fusioniert smoothe Instrumentaltracks mit Spokenwordartisten. Ein neuer Track von ihm ab jetzt online.
rumba vinagre
feel the real Bacardy feeling ;)

meekmocha über sich

Zitat: "Meekmocha has been DJ'ing for the past 15 years and has been involved
in writing and producing music for the past 5 years. His DJ career started under the moniker Jack Rush with the sound
systems based around Dresden in the late eighties to early nineties
playing R&B, Funk and House.
He then progressed to resident status at the Downtown in Dresden with
his DJ partner of many years Mike Mendoza as Dipole Force, laying down
and merging House with Hip Hop, Dub, Soul, Funk and Breakbeat grooves
in the style of London's and Bristol's pulsating club scene as well as
traveling all over South Germany and beyond.

He was spinning at the infamous Raskolnikow, Submerget and Phonotonie
parties in Dresden based electronic music underground, reached most of
the relevant locations in Leipzig and appeared by public demand on some
German radio stations such as DT64, Fritz and KissFM.
He has already played alongside many top DJ's and artists on request,
such as Joey Jam, The Mighty Bob, DJ Wally, DJ Die, DJ Marky from
Brazil, The Dub Warriors, to name but a few. The highlight for both
himself and Mendoza though was playing at the old Delicious Doughnuts
in Berlin, in front of a really open minded crowd at a time before
Jazzanova was founded there.

Meekmocha's experience of knocking around with musicians all the time
was very influential so after moving to Hamburg he started working on
his own music. Whereas he's doing the producing, composing and
percussion chiefly (he'd been doing a lot of latin percussion workshops
with his Soul-father and tutor Frank "Bongo" Rotzsch), the project
Meekmocha also lives on its collaborations with guests usually acting
in Jazz and Classics, too. Whose curiosity in making club-orientated
forms of music is an important link to dynamic and varied results.

In the year 2004 things really took off for Meekmocha with setting up a
quartet to present some of his compositions in a live context.
Henceforth, to spread this around he and his guitar player are
promoting a club night at Maritim, in Hamburg.

Several of Meekmocha's tracks and bootlegs have recently been picked up
by Marcus Maack on the renowned Back To The Basics radio show and in
the end, some of his compositions are used in Porsche's car
commercials, the 911 for instance."

Neueste Nachricht von meekmocha:

meekmocha | 1.Mär.2004
SA, 03. April '04, t.b.c. / (DJ + the meekmocha quartet LIVE) Hamburg, St. Pauli


aus Hamburg | *1998
Ralf Sturm
Gesa Bleckwedel
Marc Hartmann etc.


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meekmocha | vor 6623 Tagen, 21 Stunden, 37 Minuten
endlich mal wieder reingeschaut...
> Nyl > ein paar mehr songs kann man bei hören.
> cosmo > grüße in die heimat ;)  
nildymont | vor 6666 Tagen, 23 Stunden
...nettes intro..
aber wo ist der rest?

Hoffentlich kommt noch mehr von dir.
Nil Dymont  
cosmohh | vor 6670 Tagen, 4 Stunden, 24 Minuten
gruss aus hamburg nach hamburg ;)
jetzt fuehl ich mich hier endlich nicht mehr so allene im soundpark ....
der track faellt ja leider etwas kurz aus, aber er ist auf jeden fall schon deep und transportiert eine gute stimmung.
da bin ich auf jeden fall auf mehr gespannt ... und vielleicht trifft man sich ja mal in hamburg ...