Memphis Nights

An Australian artist.....Irish background..... American name..... Living in Vienna! Confused? It get's worse.
Dance Mah Monkey
fast uptempo dance track featuring Memphis Nights trademark vocals, framed with thick samples and a funky bassline painting a picture of the working class

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Memphis Nights....An Australian artist.....Irish background.....American name.....Living in Vienna! Confused? It get's worse.

I started off in the city of Melbourne and fled to the country for "The peaceful life". The deal was to hibernate for a decade or so, and it was there in my little van in the High country that I wrote and recorded on cheap cassettes.

About 350 songs later the quiet life went loud when in 1998 I formed the band "The Swamp Cats".

"The Swamp Cats" played for 5 years in just about every backwater bar, party and festival that was going at the time and its was during this time I was given the name of Memphis Nights because of the American influences and style of music.

We were a 4 piece swamp rock/blues band that definitely weren't in the business of bringing sexy back!

At the end of 2003 some guy in a suit convinced me to head back to the city, having to leave the band. So now, as a soloist with my own recordings, I play with a variety of musicians and venues, while pursuing a market for the recordings. With a blues voice, working with drum and bass techno samples, I'm half country - half city. A guy who had to escape the country BACK to the city to try and get me some peace!

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memphisnights | 6.Aug.2008
Memphis Nights....An Australian artist.....Irish background.....American name.....Living in Europe!

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aus Australia | *1995
Memphis Nights



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