Eine Sängerin, Songwriterin und Produzentin aus Wien, die ihre Erfahrungen mit der menschlichen Psychologie musikalisch verarbeitet.
There’s heaven waiting for you – what a statement. Heaven is a song filled with hope and longing. Choir parts and sounds of the hang try to lift the listener to a higher ground, somewhere up in the clouds, trying to reach heaven. The lyrics of the song invite the other to get involved with each other to reach a higher ground together. Though the song seems so sweet, filled with hope and patience, behind the high and clear sounds lingers the bittersweet message that hope isn’t the best strategy when it comes to love.

Mikk über sich

Mikk is a singer songwriter project by Michaela Grossschaedl, a musician and Social- and Cultural Psychologist. Mikk combines her crystal-clear voice with acoustic guitar sounds, piano sounds and electronic beats. Her songs translate psychological processes into acoustic and soft sounds and are a reflection of her “shadow selves” – toxic behaviours within romantic- and family relationships.

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mikk | 14.Nov.2022
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Mikk - Michaela Großschädl


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