Feinster cremiger D`n B aus dem Hause Fabrique Records von Richard Miklos. Eigentlich Graphiker, arbeitet er auch als Dj und Produzent für Fabrique.

mirize über sich

Zitat: "for me making music is an urge, a anecessity, as a form of expression it is
simply something i must do. there are two ways to approach art: to look at
what is presented in a picture. the other is to be interested in the
creative process, the totality of the art and how it is created. in music i
try to present my ideas with all available means; the creative process is
very important to me. when i create music i feel free, whereas my graphic
work is usually restricted to commissions," says richard miklos.

at the age of 15 he bought his first synthesizer and recorded his first
electro-pop tracks. when the rave scene began richard miklos had to decide
between graphic design and music. he opted for the first because technical
equipment was still very expensive in the 1980s. things were different
during the start of the techno era in the early 1990s: richard miklos bought
a sampler and recorded one track after the other, yet had no intention to
present his work publicly. his collaboration with fabrique records
encouraged the artist to seriously reconsider his passion for music.

in the meantime his specialty has become drum n'bass. "i can't do straight
stuff because it bores. i tinker with my beats for a long time. there are
some people who can lay down a track every three days, but i'm not like
that. i'm too much of a perfectionist. i want the end product to be exactly
as i had imagined it. good things take time."

graphic designer, dj and drum n' bass-producer richard miklos is currently
working on his debut-12" for fabrique due to be released in early 2004."


aus wien | *2003
richard miklos
angel rice


snufkin1 | vor 7330 Tagen, 4 Stunden, 55 Minuten
schön, wieder mal was neues von dir zu hören! feiner track!

harlan | vor 7330 Tagen, 5 Stunden, 28 Minuten
Tight, but too Straight and Narrow
It is indeed tight and clean, but it is too straight and normal. No surprises, no awe inspiring beats or changes like you would find in the music of say AutoFilter or FSOL. Try throwing in some curve balls...
H A R L A N  
doublelife | vor 7330 Tagen, 12 Stunden, 4 Minuten
fährt ab
WoW gefällt mir total gut. Echt fetziger beat mit sanfter melodie. Auch die Vocals sind vortrefflich. Wo bekomm ich mehr Tracks von dir ?
meine mail is dripsody@chello.at