Ein junger Produzent aus Wien macht verzerrte Electro-Sounds.
Mozart Was A Punker
Veröffentlichung: 2013
Genre: Electro House

Mission7 ├╝ber sich

Hi! I'm Nick, I am 19 years old

Electro Lover from Vienna, Austria ;)
I'm a newcomer in the Electro Genre.

Making high-Distortion Music since 2012

Mission7? What is this?
No you are not in a Video Game!
MISSION7 is a 19 Year old Electro Producer from Vienna, Austria. His name is Dominik Reiter. He started to play the Trombone, when he was 8 Years old and Music would become his biggest love.
He first don't like Electro but some day, he heard one of his biggest role models on the radio.... Owl City. This is the Time, where he started to love the Electronic Music Genre.

2011 he started to study Jazz Trombone and Music on a Conservatory in Vienna and now Music is the only thing in his future. Later he heard one track of his biggest Role Models named DADA LIFE. This will change his life.

2011 he got his first Electronic Music based Program called Magix Music Maker and he made some loop Songs and post this on Soundcloud. But this was not enough for him.
2012 he get his first big Sequenzer Program. where he made the Follow Rivers Chiptune Cover which was a very big step in his future and then 2013, he started to create Electro House and Progressive Songs, what is his passion and you can hear that on Soundcloud, Youtube etc.


aus Wien | *2011
Dominik Reiter


viennasound | vor 3895 Tagen, 21 Stunden, 18 Minuten
Mozart Was A Punker
Interessantes Projekt. Der Songtitel ist quatsch. "Mozart was a dubstepper" oder "...a electronica" paßt da eher.
Das mit dem Punk hat Falco schon ausgelaugt.