Emotionale Musik im Electro-Rhythmus von zwei Produzenten aus St. Gallen in der Schweiz.
Nanga Parbat
‚8K’ is a concept album based on the 14 highest mountains on our planet. Their summits are on one hand closely connected to the planet and on the other to the interface of heaven and the magical unknown. The mountains are both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Owing to the power of its own magnetic and physical radiance, mountains are intuitively seen as holy. Mankind is made to feel humbled and transient in presence of the stony expanse. The Album ‚8K’ is a soundtrack: a depiction of and homage to some of the most powerful and noblest of all the mountains.

Missue ├╝ber sich

The electro duo ‘Missue’, founded in the snowy Alps in November 2011, virtuously masters the art of creating sweeping journeys through the subconscious and at the same time invites creative and free expression of one’s own body language. The synthetic cosmos sounds organic and lively like an electronic chamber ensemble. The shimmering clouds of sound dissipate and re-materialise in completely new spaces. Missue paints a picture with its lofty spheres of sound, mountains, and valleys in which beats can move with drive, pulsing, and hovering. Members Atilla Bayraktar and Philipp Gnägi have known each other since secondary school, and have always had a musical bond. Inspired by the magic of nature, they want to transform this free, wild, and pure energy with sounds and noises. Missue productions move around unpredictably between electronic, minimal, trip hop, IDM, ambient, and glitch. In spite of and because of that, they have an unmistakable and unique sound. The boys want to drive this further and savour it. Just in the way that nature always finds new doors and avenues and evolution is a natural process.

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missue | 21.Okt.2014
Limited Edition vom neuen '8k' Album

Hier ist sie. Unser erster physischer Release in einer limitierte Auflage von 500 Stk. Jede CD ist handgemacht und ein unikat.

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aus St. Gallen | *2011
Atilla Bayraktar
Philipp Gnägi


Philipp Gnägi
CH-9016 St. Gallen
cjreimar | vor 3797 Tagen, 19 Stunden, 51 Minuten
Bark Mulch
Klingt in meinen Ohren verdammt stark nach Paul Kalkbrenner, was mir besonders GUT gefällt!!!! Dennoch klingt es sehr eigenständig und dieser Sound klingt wunderschön.

Bitte macht auf jeden Fall weiter so, es könnte noch was ganz großes draus werden! Grüezi in die Schweiz aus Österreich, ganz toll! CJ Reimar