Nagelfluh & Flinz Orchestra

Ein zwölfköpfiges Kollektiv aus München-Erding macht Musik irgendwo zwischen HipHop und Blasmusik. Hier ein Livemitschnitt.
Alpenvorlandsteigerung in R-Dur A-Cell.

Nagelfluh & Flinz Orchestra über sich

Zitat: "The Nagelfluh & Flinz Orchestra is a collaboration of close friends, all of which came together to enjoy themselves in making music for 2 years now. Even we ourselves can't define our style yet or perhaps we just don't want to fnord define it. If we tried to it would either sound like: 'oh what a healthy product' or like jazzy-drum'n'dubhoppin-raggafunk frequently interrupted with some polka-flavoured freemetal on 5/4-housebeats. Accompanied by a vj and resident djs jawoimirsansdolegstdiniderjawoijazz. Most of our members like to jump on yellow balls. Next to that, they also diligently participate in such interesting ensembles as 'Shadow Yoda' (have a look at them in the soundpark aswell), 'Arts & Elevators' or 'Einbauküche' producing various styles of music."


aus Erding/München | *2001
Simon "Nagelfluh" Kummer - E- & U-Schlagzeug
Alex "Flinz" Seeholzer - Keys + Vocals + Quasimidi
Philipp "Dj Phone Phoenix" Kummer - Turntables
Magdalena "MadMiss" Kloibhofer - Cello
Marcel "Mars Myagi" Dolschon - Kontrabass
Jens "Jensemann" Scheffel - Gitarre
Johannes "YO" Hintermaier - Saxophon
Michael "Brovnic" Braun - Trompete
Arne "ArnsnPomparnsn" Stöhler - Euphonium + Tenorhorn + BeatBox
Marcel "Mars Lee" Dolschon - E-Bass
Kai "Goldjunge" Goldmann - VJ`ism
Ismet - Warm & Kalt
+++Special Guests+++


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