Drei Musiker aus Wien kombinieren seit fünf Jahren Stoner, Doom und Heavy Rock.
Album: Opposites
©Puresound Recordings 2015

Naplava über sich

Only a few were prepared for what was to come when NAPLAVA unleashed their unique fusion of stoner, doom and heavy rock in the late summer of 2010. At that time, the two piece band kept grinding and jabbing their way through the local viennese scene with little to no results. Little did they know that three years later they would be gaining two more band members, release their first LP, open up for bands like DANZIG and develop a devoted following. The group released their second LP "Opposites" in the summer of 2015 on Puresound Recordings. The record was well recieved and the band again had the chance to share the stage with the greats of RED FANG.
Shortly after the record was out Naplava had a change in their line up and is currently working on a EP sheduled to be released this summer.


aus Wien | *2011
Dado Maric
Moritz Rauter
Misa Cvetkovic