Eine vierköpfige Band aus Strawberry Hill, London, die schon als die "weniger pretenziösen Muse" bezeichnet wurden.
Somebody Somewhere

Narration über sich

Zitat: "In 2007, Narration played their first show as a three-piece at a convent school – an unlikely venue to debut their ʻBrilliant, trembling car crash romanticismʼ (The Fly). By Christmas, XFM were guaranteeing that Narration were ʻOn their way to big thingsʼ and playing the demo of a track called ʻMiracleʼ. A tour of Britain and a handful of dates in New York followed, before the band were ushered into the studio to begin some vigorous recording sessions. ʻMiracleʼ has now been produced/mixed by Mark Williams (Bloc Party, Biffy Clyro, Fightstar) and will be released in June. Backed by the eight-minute saga ʻPlease Show Me The Lightsʼ, the single takes us through a landscape drawn by Bruce Springsteen, lit by candlelight, and then set on fire by Peter Gabriel or Billy Corgan.

Described as, ʻA less pretentious Muse, a very English version of My Chemical Romance, or a Coldplay pumped full of thunder and lightning,ʼ in an end of 08 summary by The Fly, Narration’s album is ready to follow the release of ‘Miracle’. Support for the band is strong. 6 Music played ʻNot Aloneʼ (the bandʼs iTunes exclusive) and American East Coast station WBRU have been belting out a live version of ʻNew York Cityʼ. In the press, Classic Rock wrote this month that Narration are ‘Fiercely melodic with impressively catchy songs... their formula is winning hearts as well as turning heads’, and Kerrangʼs Mischa Pearlman wrote on the Aloud website that Narration are ʻThe new kings of the live circuitʼ. Gigwise note too that ʻitʼs pretty clear why these guys are making waves... these memorable tracks are radio play dreamsʼ and Subba-Cultcha add that the ʻdynamic, emotive Narration make a great first impression.ʼ That much is certainly true. In times of depression, when everyone’s focused on down-sizing, this band have got their focus set on a brighter horizon. Let them take you there."

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narrationmusic | 26.Jän.2010
'Hello Dave' used on the soundtrack to forthcoming short film 'Dancer'.

Hello Dave is out now for free on the FIGURES EP.

Dancer Trailer:
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aus Strawberry Hill, London | *2007
Dan Holt - Vocals/Guitars
Rom Herédia- Drums
Si Macson - Guitars/Vocals
Paddy McNicholas - Synths/Bass/Vocals