Vier junge Musiker aus Waidring/Tirol schreiben und spielen Popsongs mit Soul-, Funk- und Beat-Schlagseite. Ihre neue Single gibt's jetzt zu hören!
Not a Man of Violence

Nihils über sich

Three young Austrians, conquer the world with their electronic alternative music - a very brief description for the band NIHILS, who have been a buzzword in the scene for quite some time now.
Their past release 'Help Our Souls' became a dance anthem and has since been clicked over
1 million times. Their remix (Urban Contact Remix Epic / Ultra) climbed the Austrian charts and became a radio favorite; to date over 4 million streams. Their success gradually rippled through to America where they played at the renowned SXSW festival in March 2015, leading to their support for 30 Seconds to Mars. Without having released an album, this is a noteworthy achievement.
Here’s where it gets exciting: After a brief reclusive period NIHILS return with a brand new sound. In September their new single will be released – sounding more mature, so much can be revealed. 2016 will bring the long-awaited debut album, an album with more electronic depth and more courage in hooks & melodic vocals. In search of this new sound the Tyroleans moved to Berlin where they were inspired by the vibrant international electro scene. Working with producer Niko Stössl and Paul Kinski one can look forward to a range of danceable pop tunes, driven packed with creativity and style.


aus Austria | *8
Ramon Riezouw Florian Nothegger Thomas Lackner

shenpensenge | vor 3064 Tagen, 6 Stunden, 13 Minuten
Not a Man of Violence
SEHR feiner Song! Daumen rauf!  
viennasound | vor 3515 Tagen, 8 Stunden, 40 Minuten
Help our souls
Internationaler Sound, interessante Homepage. Endlich mal kein Austropop-Einheitsbrei. Bravo!