Düstere elektronische Popsongs von einer Musikerin aus Mannheim.
Brand-new Single: DADDY

NINI IVY über sich

NINI IVY - The alternative dark-pop artist takes a new approach to thinking and expressing in a world torn apart between conservative attitudes that button up society and leave no space for individual development and a new generation fixated on the defective idea of obtaining worthiness on fictive, constructed platforms.

She invites the listener to catch a glimpse into the furthest corner of her and their own mind, a chamber one may rather leave unopened… but what about peeking through the keyhole just a little? One’s darkest secrets, sex and psychological games are no taboo subjects and likewise the music doesn't stop at extreme and unusual sounds.

Enter the world of NINI IVY and see for yourself… “WELCOME TO MY PLAYGROUND”


aus Mannheim | *2020