Eine Singer-Songwriterin aus Altach in Vorarlberg mit einem neuen Stück.
Just Like You (Live Session)
♥ Spontaneous late night recording in Italy, August 2022 ♥

Thank You to Sophie Vierbauch for lending me your phone between 00:00 - 02:00.
Thank You to Alexander Au Yeong for color grading and making the best out of a phone video tape.
Thank You to Tobias Wöhrer for your mixing magic.
This happened during a month long artistic stay in Italy - Thank You to Land Vorarlberg for making this possible.

Just Like You
by Nnella

Back forever ago.
forever ago.
when we met.
There is nothing before
nothing quite after that.
There has nothing been more
nothing been more close to me.
You don’t ask how I’ve been.
you ask if I am happy.

I stumble and fall.
I stumble and fall.
once more.
for you.
after all.
after all.
(I) just like you.

Each time that we talk
Each time we talk I’m sixteen again.
Call me by your name.
Call me by your name, my friend.
There’s not much I regret,
no there’s not much I regret like this.
Say can we meet up again,
meet up and give this story a twist?

Cause whenever I speak
whenever I speak of love.
after all.
after all
it’s you I’m thinking off.
And whenever you’re on
whenever you’re on my mind.
I keep feeling these waves.
keep feeling these waves
just like you.

I just like you.

I just like to
be beside you.
if you’d like to.

Nnella über sich

intense. intimate. provocative.

“Dear Beloved Asshole,” is the title of Nnella’s self-released Debut in 2020.
The European Singer-Songwriter Nnella is currently based in Linz, Austria.

Most of her work can be seen as emotional snapshots of personal experiences, while many times interweaving thoughts of social importance – thus addressing topics such as gender equality and sexual consent.

Her new Single “The Reminder” is meant to be a warm hug in cold times. A little reminder to keep on believing in oneself even when it gets tough.


aus Linz | *2016



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