Nur Ton

Ein elektronischer Musiker zwischen experimentellem Techno und House oder Ambient.
Just Feeling The Feel
Release 2023-11-17
Genre Electronic / Deep House
DJ-friendly arrangement

Nur Ton ├╝ber sich

Nur Ton is a Vienna-based nightlife enthusiast, DJ, and music producer with over two decades of experience. Influenced by various music genres. Infused with an '80s vibe, his love for synthesizers and pianos is evident in his experimental techno, house and ambient works.

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nurton | 25.Nov.2023
After a long break, I'm back to making and sharing music. I wasn't just chilling in this time, I played piano, learned how to mixing and mastering, and even took up DJing at home. Now, I'm super busy, 4 new singles are already released (spotify, youtube,...) and new tunes are almost ready to drop. And hey, if you want to hear my DJ sets, check out my YouTube channel!
I am also interested in collaboration. If anyone is interested in lending voice to my productions, or doing a remix or being remixed by me, please let me know!
Feel free to leave your thoughts here.
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aus Wien | *2000
Tomasz Grzesiuk & Friends


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