Diese vierköpfige Band aus Graz macht seit letztem Jahr in dieser Formation Musik.
Something Special
Funkiger Disco-Beat

OFFSHORE über sich

Zitat: "In winter 2004 Günter Oberdammer and Martin Emmersdorfer meet in a rehearsal room for the first time due to an ad taken out by Martin. After a few jam-sessions it is soon clear that both of them can brilliantly communicate on a musical level. It was decided to form a band without really knowing in which direction they would develop their musical style. After a few weeks, Markus Schmid, with whom the fundament of a further successful course was set, was won over to be their drummer. As bassist Gregor first entered the band who then had to leave OFFSHORE because of vocational obligations after six months in autumn. Ensuing, they were only three musicians six months long. Yet, the band wasn’t chagrined by the cold winter and in February 2006, Georg Hofer was invited to a rehearsal. The experienced guitarist who detected his love for the bass a few years ago convinced them at once and the band was complete. In the course of time, OFFSHORE has experimented with a lot of different styles which naturally has had effects on their songs.
One reason for this development were the entirely different characters and the musical roots of the four guys. Yet, the variety and openness to unfamiliar sounds created a dynamics which has found its basic essence in the musical style of the band. Therefore, the band is named OFFSHORE. The band’s name stands for the fact that it is often necessary to leave familiar and secure ground in order to develop new things and to see something from a different angle.
The English lyrics often deal with people’s emotions and their search of their inner self. In doing so, the band does not fall into pathos but achieves to communicate a positive image of the world through a portion of self-mockery."

Neueste Nachricht von OFFSHORE:

offshore | 8.Dez.2007
OFFSHORE ist jetzt endlich im FM4 Soundpark!!!


aus Graz | *2006
Martin Emmersdorfer (voc; guit)
Guenter Oberdammer jun (guit)
Georg Hofer (b)
Markus Schmid (dr)


OFFSHORE empfiehlt:

viennasound | vor 5967 Tagen, 6 Stunden, 38 Minuten
Get out erinnert mich stark an Doobie Brothers. Da paßt auch der unaufdringliche Gesang, tw. mehrstimmig, gut. Mir fällt auf, daß lange Vokaltöne weich intoniert werden. Beim Synthie würde man lange Attacktime sagen. Das gefällt mir weniger.
Und sogar das langsam beginnende Funky live hat diesen funky Einschlag.
offshore | vor 5967 Tagen, 5 Stunden, 33 Minuten
Hallo viennasound, danke f.d. Kritik!. Die weiche Intonierung als Kontrast zum Refrain ist bewußt so gesetzt - wir sind gespannt ob das generell nicht so gut ankommt. Der funky Einschlag tritt beim unserem Programm immer wieder auf - OFFSHORE