Elektronische Beats und Songs von einem Produzenten aus Bayern.
Unfold Me
The new dance track by Oordrop mastermind Tom Ostler comes in the Italo-Disco style of the 80s.
Growing up in the early 80's, Tom was first introduced to disco classics by Scotch Disco Band, Mike Mareen and the like.
That clearly shaped him and years later he produces this music in a new guise for a new generation.

Release Date: Friday, April 1, 2022

Oordrop über sich

Oordrop is a project that was originally assigned to instrumental electronic music. With the addition of female vocals, his music has developed into melodic electronic dance pop. Oordrop has already published under other pseudonyms and worked on various projects.

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noisetom | 26.Mär.2022
Neue Release am 01. April 2022
Der Track geht wieder in Richtung Italo Disco


aus Dorfen, Bayern | *2009
Thomas Ostler


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