Orchestra Psychodelia

Ein vielköpfiges Ensemble um zwei elektronische Produzentenbrüder aus Linz.
released on 20th May 2011,
taken from the EP
produced by: Murphy Law, Fin Law, Next Future & Rather Nature /// vocals by: Murphy Law, Harper Law, Next Future, Benny, Serfo /// all tracks recorded @ Korova Milkbar / Fireclath Studios

Orchestra Psychodelia über sich

the Austrian-based producer-bros Murphy & Fin Law use their infinite sway of infantile imagination in oder to invert the common pressure of growing-up and rising in pre-segmented scenes. in their existence as multitalented artists they’ve already gathered some fictional stooges for various projects, but never set up a comparable ensemble like this!

the orchestra describes it’s sound as an intermusically clash of trips transfered to a sticky potpoury of gravyness. through a ‪situationistic approach to it’s music‬, the orchestra becomes an unpersonified energy to create boundless lunacy. that’s how muddy mindwarps go hand in hand with genious versatility and a good old bunch of trash and sickness, that pulls you onto the outside of your mind.

follow those funky maniacs on a selfless refuge, to a world of childish happiness and overwhelming soundsparkles blustered forth out of this dark system’s gloom.
Cybatown, as the capital of this regime, got conscientiously destroyed on purpose and rebuilt like a dreamworld – above everything and amongst everyone. revolutionize now!

Neueste Nachricht von Orchestra Psychodelia:

orchestrapsychodelia | 10.Mai.2012
tomorrow, fr. 11th may, we proudly present this years first release:

by A.G. Trio & Just Banks -
out on Etage Noir Special!!!

∆ teaser:
∆ release-party:

... we'd love to see all of you dancin!!! pce, murphy & fin


aus Linz / Cybatown | *2010
Murphy & Fin Law
Next Future
Rather Nature
Mount Basswood
Harper & Razy Law



Orchestra Psychodelia empfiehlt:


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