Ein Remix aus dem Album "East and West". That is the Fusion of East and West!!!
Mein PROTESTSONG gegen alle Armseeligen Rassisten, Faschisten, Nationalisten & Anti-Humanisten und die die es werden wollen, gegen blöde Gruppen wie "nein zu Minaretten in Österreich oder Europa "usw...BULLSHIT!!!

O.r.i.e.n.t über sich

Dj Orient believes that when you put digital, electronic sounds together with hand made, human ones, you can create universal language, capable of uniting Old and Young, Ancient and Modern, East and West. It´s bold claim, but the Orient - born and Vienna -based musician/producer/Dj and Audio Engeener has the know how and the music to back it up.When he hovers at the side behind his Turntables and Electronics, occasionally pick´ing up a traditional aluminium Darbouka, or traditional fluet to float in sweet, breathy melodies.

Artist´s Name: Dj Orient

Real Name: Ümit ÖNÜT
Profession: Plastic-technician / Electronic music Producer / Dj
Style: Kick´n beat House-Grooves with a little touch of Orient
Sound: Tribal-Techhouse, Brasil, Chicago, Progressive Trance, Goa
Makes music since: November 1997

Relevant activities: 1998- started to play percussion.
1999- started to make music by myself.
2000- began to play Percussion on private Parties.
2001- began to make music in my Ton-Studio.
2002- founded the Projekt “Orientalus”, our live Perc.group.
2003- had my first Experience in a International Location.
2004- began to produce Orient-techhouse style.
2005- privat Parties Organisation and own music Produktion

Projekts: My most recent works are the Tracks “NO RACISM” and “WANNA FLY TONIGHT”. These Groovy Tracks with Percussion loop´s, Psy-elements and Percussion are played live by myself. I have furthermore brighter Projects for the future to come. I want to produce a new style; ORIENT_HOUSE!!!

Equipment: Mackie, waldorf micro Q, waldorf XT rack, virus B, hand percussion pad HPD 15, boss dr. 202, electribe soundmashine, evolution keyboard, technics 1210, Behringer 32 kanal mixer,Korg micro x and Yamaha Motif XS6, roland dj 1000 mischer mit dsp filter, soundkarten: PC delta 44 and LP E-mu + modul, Cubase SX & SL, halion, drum maschine, e-quitar, e-saz, e-drum, a lot of percussions (agypt, african, arabic) and many small Instruments and effect´s…

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orientalus | 12.Jän.2010
Eine fernöstliche Weisheit (Konfuzius) sagt “Willst du ein fremdes Land und seine Bewohner verstehen, studiere zuerst ihre Musik “, deswegen bringe ich euch - so gut es geht - die Musik aus Istanbul…J
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aus Istanbul/Wien | *2000