Die Songs dieser fünf Musikerinnen und Musiker reisen bei ihrer Entstehung mehrmals zwischen Wien und New York hin und her.
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Otterclan über sich

Zitat: "We are a band consisting of five musicians coming from Stockholm, Vienna and New York. We chose the name Otterclan because of it’s strong ties to childlike experimentation, and because it evokes a sense of camaraderie and a kinship with nature. All these things are synonymous with our approach to creating music and art.
Our way of creating music is very unique as it travels from Vienna to New York and back until the piece is complete. This means that a guitar piece is recorded by Chris Cerny in Vienna, gets sent to New York to the other members Greg Henits and Katharina Stenbeck where vocals and other instruments are added. This goes back and forth until everyone has added their part. The members also meet in each others cities to spend days of producing and recording. A Blend of both these ways of creating music is found in our songs.
All the songs we have made up until now are rough recordings. They were made on a simple computer, using a basic microphone and various instruments. We feel that if we were given the opportunity to record in a professional environment we could create something not only commercially successful but also artistically groundbreaking."

Neueste Nachricht von Otterclan:

otterclan | 24.Feb.2009
Thanks for listening to us!
hope you are all enjoying!


aus Wien/New York | *2007
Chris Cerny Katharina Stenbeck Greg Henits Clemens Allesch Nick Lawson

shouismon | vor 5351 Tagen, 2 Stunden, 18 Minuten
Interesting stuff
...bin beeindruckt!

agentc | vor 5355 Tagen, 12 Stunden, 30 Minuten
sehr schöner song!
etwas was ich gerne im radio hören würde.