Vier Musiker aus dem oberösterreichischen Schwanenstadt präsentieren eine Hörprobe aus ihrer neuen LP.
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In 1999 the three friends Foeny (vocals & guitar), Rene (bass) and Gonzo (drums) found the band Panica. The name Panica comes from a similar named very popular 90ies fruit juice drink, which the band members drank on the train to school in order to kill the thirst after a wet and hard night.In the beginning Panica stands for classic Austrian Skatepunk. At that time Austrian Radio station FM4 gets aware of the band and pushes them with a live interview on the FM4 Morning show with Stuart Freeman. Very soon their music is known far beyond their home country’s borders and they are booked in- and outside of Austria. Among the many shows played some are legendary, as the gig on the Brandwagen at the Austrian Nova Rock festival. The albums „Sunshine On My Ass“ and „Invaders“ are released and Pene joins the band as lead guitarist.In the end of 2008 they release their third album „Not Everything’s Just Grey“. The song „Optimistic“ gets international attention and is featured on compilations released in the USA and Germany. This long player paves the way for them away from the Skatepunk genre to their own unique and creative sound, which may sometimes remind of known bands (like The Clash, Ramones or Social Distortion) but is difficult to be classified into any known genre. Their main influence comes from classic rock and –punkrock.After a longer studio break – Gonzo leaves the band and is replaced by You Know’s drummer Schoergen – they release their new mini album „Look The Other Way“ in early 2016. The new album convinces through creativity and individualism but also appears harder and more impulsive than „Not Everthing’s Just Grey“. This is not least caused due to the experience that Foeny and Rene can collect as members oft he international successful streetpunk band Chocking Revenge.Melonrock Records, 2016

Neueste Nachricht von PanicA:

panica | 3.Mai.2016
Neues Minialbum "Look The Other Way" digital (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.) verfügbar!


aus Schwanenstadt | *1999
Foeny (Vox & Guit)
Pene (Guit & Vox)
René (Bass & Vox)
Gonzo (Drums)

berga78 | vor 5216 Tagen, 20 Stunden, 53 Minuten
Hallo Gonzo,net schlecht eicha musik.
*gg*Berger Th.  
viennasound | vor 6510 Tagen, 23 Stunden, 10 Minuten
Die Wurzeln liegen im Punk, einfache Gitarrensoli und der Hammersound, manchmal in Pogo-Hektik ("What You expect"). Doch sind die Nummern strukturiert wie bei "Gotta Stay". Da merkt man die Abwendung vom Hardcore-Punk. Das finde ich gut. Die Aussprache des Sängers ist irgendwie british.
Gruss aus Wien
panica | vor 6510 Tagen, 15 Stunden, 22 Minuten
denke dieser eintrag triffts ganz gut, "gotta stay" gibts übrigends auf unserer HP zum downloaden. cu there  
dorrio8 | vor 6512 Tagen, 20 Stunden, 5 Minuten
Wow, der neue Track ist echt fein - Kompliment! Freut mich mal wieder was neues von euch zu hören. Gibt's mal wieder ein Album oder so?  
panica | vor 6510 Tagen, 15 Stunden, 29 Minuten
danke, album ist in arbeit - wir werdens posten wenns fertig ist!  
daskhan | vor 6514 Tagen, 21 Stunden, 40 Minuten
da fällt mir keine lebenslage ein, in der ich bock auf so eine musik hätte...  
panica | vor 6510 Tagen, 15 Stunden, 31 Minuten
^...dann ist es wohl zeit ein live-konzert von uns zu besuchen