Paul Gilmore

Elektronische Beats von einem DJ und Produzenten aus Innsbruck.
The Spider, has a rather dark progressive background, with heavy basslines and abstract pads... with a twist in the end!

Overall, the genre on 'The Room EP ' has clear elements of deep, tech, techno, minimal and progressive house.

Paul Gilmore ├╝ber sich

Paul was brought up in an environment, famous for it’s rock and alternative scene, yet traditional standards. Being exposed to the good old days of early Mtv UK in the 90s, that provided him with enough stimuli in dance music. The reason that would later allow him to embark and break into DJing.

Paul’s proper musical education came years later, in the late 90s while attending University in the United Kingdom. The motherland of all music indie and electronica. Exposed to several genres and artists, he was mainly influenced by big room / festival music, known as progressive house and/or trance. With listening he enhanced his arsenal and made it from bedroom to proper room DJing.

Gilmore’s non-conformist nature with situations and standards applied by so-called local heroes and kingpins, made him deviate from music playing, to music making. Paul’s style can differ and although it is mainly electronic and house oriented, there is plenty of room for a surprise. Although his original production is not as circulated since it is released mainly for free, his remix arrangements have quite the impact, something that social media counters can’t measure.

Although he is considered to be an independent artist, he does official label work occasionally, working with a selected few. Always open for a new collaboration and challenge, looking for that something that can change anything in one single music arrangement.


aus Innsbruck | *2012
Paul Pastourmatzis