Philipp Weigl

Ein junger Klavierstudent aus München von der Hochschule für Musik und Theater wird schon bald auf veröffentlichen. Hier gibt es eine Kostprobe.
Like It Should Be

Philipp Weigl über sich

Zitat:"- born in 1979 near Munich/Germany
- at the age of 15 I started composing/producing my
music (guitar-pop at that time)
- I played keyboards/bass in several bands (mainly
- Since 2001 I´m studying music (classical piano) at the
"University of Music and Performing Arts Munich"
(check out my recordings on
- Since 2005 I´m releasing electronic music on various
labels (,, soon: "


aus München | *1997

viennasound | vor 6285 Tagen, 12 Stunden, 4 Minuten
Like it should be
Laidback, slacken, the big ease. Smokerings hang in the curtain of a dimmed lighted bedroom. Light from outside the window ("can be seen at night"). Synthie-sounds and whispering voices weaved into a blanket to crawl under ("I'm creeping slowly"). Trance like it should be.
Greeting from Vienna