Precious & I

Ein Grazer Duo mit neuen Songs im FM4 Soundpark.
Growing Into These Shoes

Precious & I ├╝ber sich

“Precious & I” is an upcoming duo that manages to rekindle the warmth and bliss that comes with the union of spoken word and melodies that make a home under your skin. The poetry slammer and spoken word artist Precious NNebedum is well known for her soulful and thought- provoking texts in both the english and german language and together with her musical partner Isabella Krasser, a talented upcoming singer and songwriter with an extremely unique angelic voice , they are both on the verge of setting up a foundation for their musical career. Their debut music video “Growing into these shoes” was released in mid-October.


aus Graz | *2019
Isabella Krasser
Precious Nnebedum