Reena Winters

Eine Singer/Songwriterin aus Tirol mit neuen musikalischen Lebenszeichen.
You just run away
2022, Bomabebe Records, Album "If paradise exists"

Reena Winters ├╝ber sich

Reena winters, Singer/Songwriter is presenting her first songs. In collaboration with Bradoh Enodeh, Producer& Songwriter who wrote series of Lyrics appropriate to Reena’s Voice.
They both worked to find chords, vibes and sounds which was later elaborated in the studio with the musicians who played in creating the Song “I wanna love you” produced by Bradoh Enodeh.

Reena blended the song and melodies with her wonderful vocals full of different ranges and musical colours.
The new Songs shows her Vocal adaptability to a new form of musical expression putting her Vocal Range to test.

Reena Winters is currently collaborating with the philharmonie Salzburg with Musical Director Elisabeth Fuchs.

There is still more to come in the next Future.
Stay tuned.


aus Tirol | *2019
Reena Winters (Singer/Songwriter)
Bradoh Enodeh (Producer/Songwriter/Lyrics)