Drei Musiker aus Washington DC zwischen Psychedelik, Folk und Postpunk.
Fog Rolling In
quiet raging rocking indie ballad

Revival ├╝ber sich

Zitat: "Revival started in 2005 after a couple false starts and dead ends, no hard feelings. It began with Josh Read and Evan Berodt. Josh was back from a dark sojourn working in LA bars and Evan was looking for creative souls after his previous band Canyon imploded. Josh had a group of rock songs loaded with ancient folk and mid-20th century country spirit, this fit well with Evan who had just finished a US tour with Jay Farrar. They began experimenting and quickly Revival flung open the doors to local lifers and transient freaks who wanted to do a show or two in the new band. Noel White a drummer from Annapolis jumped in with both feet. The experiment exploded at J. Robbins new studio in Baltimore where Revival recorded their first album, The Horses of War. Josh's poetry roams from Smokey Robinson to Robinson Crusoe in songs about shipwrecks, loves ends, new lovers at beach parties, lost friends and Los Angeles alienation. The music evokes England's psychedelic pioneers and DC's postpunk revolutionaries, building raging guitar saturated summits and quiet intimate ballads. Revival makes a bar feel like a bonfire."


aus Washington DC, USA | *2005
Josh Read
Evan Berodt
Noel White


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