Der Sänger der Berliner Band mit einem kollaborativen Nebenprojekt.
Better days
'Better Days' is the first single and title track of the upcoming debut EP from the newborn collaboration between Berlin based piano virtuoso Dario Lessing, and Rezar - the side project of electro-pop band NIHILS’ frontman - out 3rd July.

The newly announced 'Better Days' EP features 5 beautifully captivating and moody alternative pop tunes for fans of Apparat, Radiohead and James Blake. This is just the beginning of an unlikely collaboration between one of Berlin's most exciting upcoming neo-classic piano talents and the vocalist of the electro-pop band NIHILS who have 51million+ Spotify streams to date.

A partnership formed truly by chance, Ramon Riezow aka Rezar stumbled into Lessing's studio, they had a spontaneous jam and the result was 'Better Days'. With the help of producer Gustav Anders, they managed to create an atmospheric yet grooving and melodic alternative-pop tune revolves around moody piano chords and cryptic refrain. In response to recent social tensions and how media capitalize on sensationalism, the song is trying to see the good in the world, beyond all the negatives.

Speaking about the release, Rezar adds: "It’s easy to get demoralised in a society where we tend to sensationalise how bad everything is and how dark these times are - but underneath the turmoil, the chaos, the seemingly random acts of nature and humanity, there is a current of positivity to be felt and this song focuses on that energy and tries to tap into a future that is brighter and better in every way.“

Dario Lessing & Rezar 'Better Days' is available from Friday, 3rd July.

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