Richard Seniow

Tracks und Beats zwischen Jazz, HipHop und Neo Soul von einem Pianisten, Komponisten und Produzenten aus Wien.
Hella Amazing
A fresh track with a tacky, dancy vibe to it that makes a club go wild and anyone with a feel for groove get funky!

Richard Seniow ├╝ber sich

Richard Seniow is a pianist, keyboardist and composer based in Vienna, Austria.

Receiving private lessons at a young age, later at the local music school, and ultimately moving to Paris to study jazz piano at the IMEP Paris College of Music, he continuosly explores the instrument and various stylistic elements.

His projects range from the traditional jazz trio, to pop orientated electronic sounds in the spirit of 80’s.

Richard enjoys to travel both physically and in the worlds of art. What else? A lot of fun and good music!


aus Wien | *1990
Richard Seniow