Robert Stafford

Ein Produzent und DJ aus Wien, die hier einen clubtauglichen SOHN-Remix präsentert.
SOHN - Artifice (Robert Stafford's Tribe edit)
Dies ist ein Tech-House Edit von "SOHN - Artifice"
rights by SOHN

Robert Stafford Ă¼ber sich

Robert is an experimental guy and his productions sound dreamy and a little gloomy.
They are usually based on a classic 4 on 4 beat, embellished with minimal percussions & exceptional synths.
He also wants to set not to a specific genre, because he is inspired in many different styles of music.

His passion for electronic music combined with futuristic devices, has brought people at countless events in the right mood.
Even as Support for international Artists such examples like Felix Kröcher, Eric Sneo, Heinz Tronigger (Madrid de los Austrias), Derrick Carter, Makossa Megablast and many more... he was not too short.

So we can be curious what comes next under his name….


aus Wien | *2010